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Automate Your Online Course Sales with an Evergreen Sales Funnel

Here's what you're going to learn: 

  • How to escape the course launch feast and famine for good
  • The simple framework for creating an evergreen sales funnel system that sells your course consistently
  • Why YOU are most qualified person to build your own evergreen funnel... even if you know nothing about funnels!
  • An inside look at my E3 (Enjoyable Evergreen Experience) framework for creating a funnel that actually delights your customers
  • The simple tech you need for an effective funnel - and the tech you do NOT need, so you can save on software  
  • The #1 thing that will cause your evergreen funnel to fail and how to fix it

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I’ve been creating and selling online courses, building webinars, and crafting funnels for years. In that time, my company has helped hundreds of people create and sell courses about everything from watercolor painting, programming, decluttering, football, and everything in between.  

I’ve become known for my no-BS style and creating insanely highly converting webinars, funnels, and launches for myself and my clients using cutting edge, innovative strategies that no one else is teaching. Forget everything you think you know about selling courses online. You’re about to learn my fresh-squeezed strategies for making more money teaching what you love.  

"The very first funnel I created made me over $10K in just 6 weeks. Now it converts at a steady 2.5% week after week and has brought in an extra $30,000 for my business with fairly low website traffic. And since people are entering the funnel every single day, that's just the beginning!"  


“Before learning from Mariah how to do an Evergreen funnel, the whole process was daunting and mysterious to me - she broke it down and made even the highly technical elements very simple and unintimidating. Thank you Mariah & team for opening up this doorway to me that was previously so scary and elusive!

The first solid iteration of my evergreen funnel for my INFLUENCE course on practical magic has been on for about 4 months. In that time, I had 84 sales at various price points. Overall, the funnel brought in about $54,000 in sales in. I average about 21 sales a month, so the funnel brought in about $12,600 each month.”